The Gers is often associated with the sweetness of life, the Southern accent, festivals, tradition, Armagnac, and of course Charles de Batz de Castelmore more widely known as D'Artagnan. Find this little “on ne sait quoi” in our smooth beers , which makes us so proud of our past, our present and also our future. Each beer in our brewery is named after fencing terms in homage to our famous King's Guards. Cheers to you… en garde !

- The garde -

A beautiful blonde full of character from Gascony

The best quality of a MousseQuetaire is that it stays en garde ... in your mouth. With aromas of plum and sweet, honeyed accents, this choice will hit the mark. This blonde in attack, will delight you with its flavors of lychee and rose, and will leave you with a delicate bitterness at the end of its prose. A real blonde to taste between 5 and 8°C.

Alc. 7% Vol.

Available in 33cl, 75cl bottles or 20 l keg.

- The estocade -

IPA beer from Gascony

This Indian Pale Ale with citrus, liquorice, honey and tangy flavors will touch you with its lovely complexity and well-crafted roundness. Without a doubt, the secret weapon of the Moussequetaire brewery will pique your curiosity. To taste between 5 and 8°C.

Alc. 6,5% Vol.

Available in 33cl, 75cl bottles or 20 l keg.

- The balestra -

Refreshing Blond Beer from Gascony

Beware of this pretty blonde who will attract you, then pierce your heart with delicious citrus hints, leaving you with small notes of bitterness. The ideal beer to prolong a duel with friends. To taste at 5 °C.

Alc. 4,5% Vol.

Available in 33cl, 75cl bottles or 20 l keg.

- Summer Ephemeral Beer-

Seasonal beer from the Moussequetaire brewery

After a duel in the sun, a hike in the mountains or a swim, it is good to be face to face with a summer ephemera, its subtle fruity and flowery aromas will delight your taste buds, no doubt. To taste at 5°C.

Available in 33cl, 75cl bottles or 20 l keg.